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Historic Homes of Spring Hill
317 E. Nichols
The owners of this home, built in 1872, have taken care to preserve the historical integrity of the house. It remains one of the most stately and well-cared for homes in Spring Hill.

310 E. Nichols
Visitors of this home report that they have urges to write on blackboards. The current owners say the home was originally a one-room schoolhouse, and later moved into town.

201 W. Nichols
The pastor of the Presbyterian Church lived in this wood-frame home, built ca. 1900. The old Presbyterian church was located just to the west of this structure.

414 E. Hale
This one-story home, built ca. 1900 1900, was converted to the offices of the MiJo Telephone Company in 1909. Up to 20 homes shared a phone line, or "party line." Rumors really made the circuit!

20135 Webster
This house looks virtually the same as it did in the 1874 Johnson County Atlas. The current owner's family rescued the house around the turn of the century, from use as a hay barn.

Acknowledgements: The above text is taken from a brochure created by the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Spring Hill Historical Society. Used with permission.

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Spring Hill Kansas
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